Singlefoot Farms is a fifteen acre facility nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We are a small farm focused on enjoying what the breed has to offer, but also enjoy other disciplines and breeds, including dressage, driving, liberty, and trick training.


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Some snapshots from around the farm

Vegas and Keno are being introduced as buddies into a pasture together. They have been playing around together.


Blog Updates:

The blog is back! There will be a mass uploading, and I will also be posting the articles I’ve written that have been published in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association Magazine, as well as some original content. It may be a bit, but things should resume as normal.

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And… We are Back! 

The only recurring theme of this blog seems to be enormous hiatuses. It’s been since October 2016 since the last blog post, however anyone reading wouldn’t be able to tell because… The entire blog platform has been upgraded! Please don’t mind the debris lodged around the blog and broken links or ones that may lead to random recipes…

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Trotting the Gaited Horse

The words “trotting” and “gaited horse” are hardly synonymous. In fact, most people choose a gaited horse specifically so they don’t have to post, and think people who choose to partake in that particular activity are crazy. Some say it ruins the gait and will make a horse unable to ever gait again. However, it’s quite the opposite and possible for a gaited horse to display a lovely trot, as well as compete and hold their own… (Read more)