And… We Are Back!

The only recurring theme of this blog seems to be enormous hiatuses. It’s been since October 2016 since the last blog post, however anyone reading wouldn’t be able to tell because… The entire blog platform has been upgraded! Please don’t mind the debris lodged around the blog and broken links or ones that may lead to random recipes, it will be a little messy for the next bit as I transfer everything that wasn’t lost in the merge. Some of the pages were able to be saved, but anything from 2013 and before were lost. I’m trying to determine whether I want to attempt to backdate some of the posts here or not.

10 months have passed since the last update, which means lots of time has come and gone. Here is a snapshot without going into a dramatic novelization.

Over the winter, I was able to ride this adorable Rocky/Hackney pony named Rudy, the pasture mate to Rain’s first baby, Jazz. Rudy stands a whopping 13.1 hands of feisty attitude in an adorable red chocolate package. He is not the easiest ride, but he is so much fun that he was a blast to play with. I’d pop on him in the weekends. He’s back again this year and I’m loving it.

This past February I started riding with a Grand Prix dressage instructor. I am so fortunate that there are so many amazing instructors in this area! I started with Rain, then rode her Morgan horse, Dune  I have done quite a bit of many different disciplines, but dressage is challenging and while it complements what I’ve learned, at the same time it is completely different. It’s been something that engages my brain past anything I’ve done before.

Unfortunately, while prepping for Breyerfest, Rain tore her suspensory and she is now only able to do light work and a pasture puff. So, when Atlas found a home in Maine, I invested in a gorgeous 4 year old Oldenburg gelding, Foreigner. He’s amazing! I love him to death. He’s got a ton of talent and a great sense of humor. I can’t wait to keep progressing with him.

Vegas is now officially under saddle. He’s been in a round pen, small arena, and an indoor. He’s doing fantastically!  Waiting until he is five was about a year longer than I wanted to wait, but it was very good for him physically and mentally so it’s quite alright. He’s now working on obstacles and we are improving his gait.

Keno is back in harness and we are working on liberty work and trick training as well. He’s such a funny little guy, and we have so much fun together.

I hope to get the blog updated and back up and running completely, but for now I’m going to get what I can going. I am tired of looking at a blank page. I’m also going to be posting the articles I’ve contributed to the Rocky Mountain Horse magazine on here – I have permission to post them as well. I’m excited about that!