Happy New Year from Singlefoot Farm!

It seems inconceivable that 2016 stretches before us, a clean slate with so many opportunities ahead. There are so many things in the works for the farm, some that cannot be shared yet. The horses are enjoying some time off before Vegas starts under saddle in a few weeks and Rain and I start conditioning to event next year.

The weather has been very strange – warm but quite wet. I felt like soon I was going to have to give water wings to the horses in the barn so they could swim if they needed! Now the deluge of rain has stopped and the cold has set in. The horses are blanketed up and happy.

IMG_0504I had several people ask about the clips I have done on my horses, some more negative than others. I have been working on a post on how and why I clip, and how to clip. It is an absolute personal decision and not one to be made lightly – it has a lot of work to keep the horse from staying too warm or getting too cold. But with show season running towards us, Rain and I both need to get in shape and that is difficult to do when she is sweaty and I spend hours cooling her out. More to come later!

The other fun thing that is in process is writing my first book. There has been so much support towards the Equine Marketing articles, it has spurred me to write a long version of it – Equine Marketing 101: How to Sell Your Horse is in the works. It’s expanded to over 10,000 words and will continue to grow over the next months.

IMG_1997Finally, I invested in a new camera to help with the blog, website, and the new publications I am working on. It’s been a dream to own a DSLR and now it has come to fruition! The camera comes with a steep learning curve but it has been a blast. I’ve already done several shots with Vegas, allowing me to actually get some good photos of the three year old who has not had updated pictures in quite a while. I’ve also used the opportunity to grab some photos of friends and their horses as well.

2015 was filled with several different emotions. Joy from starting a discipline I’ve always wanted Rain Bridleto participate in, pain as I not only had knee surgery in April that kept me out of riding for the first half of the year, and then when I received a concussion when Rain and I parted ways jumping. Elation from being able to achieve a dream I’ve wanted to do for years – participating in Breyerfest, sidesaddle no less!

Every year is an opportunity to grow and develop, and this year will be no different. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and stay tuned for more news in the next couple of weeks!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Singlefoot Farm!

  1. Maj (may)πŸ˜‰ says:

    Hey girl.. I love your blog allready.. Can’t wait for some more news.. 😊 It’s so geat and awesome that you have over come so much and you also have a book to write.. amazing you have time for all that.. I’m proud of you.. 😊

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