Planning for 2015…

CJ at the Summer Celebration in 2012

I am sitting here, planning on what to do in the 2015 show season, and nostalgia has overtaken me! I realized the other day that none of my show results came over during the merge from the old website to the new one. So as I transferred it over, it was so nice to sit back and look at each placing and the memories that came with it. Times got busy and it was a transition over to a new job and less time for horses. The herd was thinned out, and all my show horses found new homes, leaving my three year old and the mare who started it all.

It’s been nearly two years since the horses on the farm have seen the inside of the show ring, and that is all about to change. And I am happy to rejoin the UMH circuit, especially after seeing what they are doing to help develop the youth program.

This past weekend, I was able to spend a bit of time at the United Mountain Horse Youth Clinic at Stoner Ridge Farm. The entire day was dedicated to coaching the next generation of the horse world, all at no cost to the participants. There were quality instructors and a judge there that donated their time to provide a foundation for the show ring, trail obstacle, and

Autumn and Silky at the UMH Youth Clinic

equitation classes. Then there was a fun show at the end where everyone got to show what they learned. It was a good time had for all and there were between 18-20 youth that brought horses and participated. It was a great thing to see!

I am happy to be a part of this circuit and I can’t wait for the 2015 season to start. Our first show should be at the UMH Fonzie Graham Memorial on May 29th and 30th, and the first ACTHA ride will hopefully be 6/5 at the Kentucky Equestrian Center AOC.

Happy Showing!

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