Due Dates are Approaching….

Today I got an update on Roxie and Rain from back home in Kentucky. Roxie had previously had some health issues – she would not eat her grain, was losing weight, and and every time she went outside her jaw and face would swell. It ended up being a low protein level (albumen, to be precise), and she was unable to move the fluids out of her face. After that bout of anorexia, mild depression and weight loss, it was concerning to say the least. But we powered through and after consulting some excellent vets we finally got everything resolved.


The report today was her appetite had vastly improved and she was eating her food with gusto. She is now on an alfalfa cube regimen and so much feed it is not funny. But she is devouring it and her medication. She has also gained quite a bit of weight and her ribs are now covered with a layer of fat. She was not emaciated, but this late in gestation things can go wrong fast and with the foal gaining weight at the rate it does, it can be touch and go. Thankfully the foal has been very active and kicking like crazy, always a good sign!


Apparently Rain is so big it looks like she may be having a moose instead of a foal. Since she still has three months to go, can’t imagine how big she will get!


We are doing a contest just to guess what gender and color the foal will be, as well as what date they will foal. Since mares quite obviously foal on their own schedule, not necessarily what the calendar says, it could be any day they have them. Whoever guesses closest will win a $10 gift certificate to CQ Equine Gifts. I will give out two of the gift certificates; one for each mare. Mid-Summer’s Night is due on May 11th and LS Kosmic Kiss is due on June 12th.


Contest entries will be taken on our Facebook page. Visit www.facebook.com/singlefootfarms for more information. Happy guessing!