Long Overdue Update

Quite a bit of time has gone by since the last update, and there are many things to share!

Singlefoot Farms has Mini Mania!

First off, I would like to welcome the newest member of the herd – Nostalgia’s Keno. Keno is a miniature gelding who is just a complete ham. He has been driven extensively and later today we will be hitching him with my new cart! He’s a splash bay who is just absolutely precious. My eventual plan is to break Mac to drive and use them as a pair to do some basic farm work.

It has been a dream of mine since I was about 8 years old to have my own driving horse, but my old pony was retired by the time I got a cart. So it stayed a dream, until now. I finally decided to just go ahead and bit the bullet and purchased a nice harness from Comfyfit and a cart from GS Carts in Iowa. I am very pleased with the quality and cannot wait until we get to hitch him today!

I am so pleased to have my adorable pair of minis together now and I think they make a fine addition to the herd here at the farm.


Horse Sales

Zero Gravity and Mid-Summer’s Night sold last summer and fall, respectively. They are both doing fabulously in their new homes and I am still able to see Roxie at the shows. She has picked up a few blues with her fabulous rider, Zoni. I am so excited that I can keep an eye on that pair!

Bailey went home with Donna, who purchased Darby last year. He is growing and maturing and doing fantastically.

We are now at the herd we wish to be at for now, but we still have access to plenty of well trained horses for sale through our friend, Stoner Ridge Farm. I am more than happy to answer any questions as I have ridden nearly all of their sales horses extensively. Robert has an excellent training philosophy and consistently turns out beautifully trained, soft horses with a great gait. Please call me at 859.771.7555 if you have any questions!

Desert Sands and Warmth

In January, I was able to make the trek back to Arizona to visit my two favorite desert Rockies and their owner, Tamara. I was able to hit the trails on both horses and get to ride some gorgeous QH as well. It was a fabulous trip and wonderful reprieve in the midst of a disgusting and cold winter.

I have decided that one day, Singlefoot Farms will relocate to the warm sands of Arizona. The business plan will include a tack store (you can see our online tack store Spur Stop Tack for our sales now), and a boarding barn. I am very excited to work towards this goal and will provide more information when I can!

Too Cute Not To Share…

I like to attempt to stay in contact with the owners of the horses I’ve sold, not only because I like to keep track and see what they are doing now, but because I love to share the journey with other horse owners. I understand that not everyone can keep a horse forever, as I am regularly in the business of purchasing horses with the intent to find good homes and share the Mountain Horse with the world.

Before I had delved into the Mountain Horse completely, I was given the opportunity to own an amazing half arabian/paint mare named I’m Really Twisted, aka Myst. To my inexperienced self, she was perfect – tolerant of any silly thing I may do, any mistakes I made(including putting the bit on backwards one day, poor girl! I still feel bad for her to this day), but as we all know, it’s important to remember that we all start somewhere. Learning from our mistakes are vital because it is impossible not to make a mistake. It is how you learn and ensuring that you have a forgiving horse that allows us to survive those mistakes.


This mare and I shared so many moments together. A friend and I would hop on her double and go riding at midnight in a full moon in six inches of snow. My dad would come home from working, shake his head and say “we weren’t right”. I still remember to this day the ride I had on her late one night, and the sky turned green and lit up bright as day. It seemed like an encounter of the third kind – we weren’t sure we weren’t about to be abducted! Myst took it all in stride and we later found out that it was a piece of satellite that had re-entered the atmosphere.


Those were just some of the moments I’ve cherished and loved. I could sit here all day and just recall all of the special moments we had. She was my guest horse, because anyone could ride her. She stood steady at a fun show when fireworks were shot off. I rode her bridleless and sat on her for hours underneath the stars, just looking up.


Unfortunately, the time came that I realized that while I would never outgrow this mare, that she would be the perfect horse to go teach another generation. As I started working more and more with my Mountain Horses, she was ridden less and left in the field. Finally I decided to find the next home for her.

I could not have found a better owner for Myst. She took care of a little girl for 3 years, remaining steady until she was ready for the next step up. She is now ready to move onto her next adventure with a high school age girl who wants to use her for trail riding. She may be 19 now, but she proves that age is just a number. Heidi gave me permission to use the photos of Myst and Cora, and they were just too precious not to share.

Myst and her little girl, looking adorable.


I am so thankful to share the journey with people who love their horses just as much as me.

Myst Loving the Attention From Her Little Girl...