The Farm Support Crew

What would a farm be without the non-horsey support members? Some of our crew loves to join us at the horse shows, while others just like to hang at home.

We do not breed any of our dogs and cats, rather we take them in mostly in need. Some of them were found on the side of the road and never were claimed. Others came from shelters where they were slated for euthanasia. You never know what you can find when you aren't looking!

IMG 0030 copy


Monet is the most precious little Blue Merle Sheltie, who has come so far in life. When I first got him, I not only lost him once, but twice! In two different counties, no less. He is the most amazing little dog, and has made quite a breakthrough. Initially he would not take a treat from a stranger's hand, and now he was a total ham at the Rolex KY Three Day event last year, dealing with enormous crowds during the Cross Country Phase and the shopping as we went to find a new dressage saddle for Rain. He is now an epic horse show dog, as seen in the picture on the left.

Other's may try to convince you… But he is a Shetland Sheepdog, not a Mini Aussie! ;)



Rosie passed from our lives at the end of March '17, at the age of 15. She was an amazing dog and will be greatly missed. She was a therapy dog, visiting nursing homes and letting children read to her. Most of all, I’ll never forget her pushing her nose under my hand to tell me that she wanted to be pet, or being my alarm clock to feed her in the morning and evening. 


Rest in peace, my dearest. 


Guinness was found on the side of the road on 12/12/12 as a month old puppy, and is a Pyraneese/Chow mix. He’s a little bit shy, but he’s a total sweetheart to me. 

IMG 9990


Jethro is a our resident old man, rescued from a kill shelter by our good friend and then adopted out to me. We are not entirely sure how old he is, but he’s somewhere between 12 and 14.  -  859.242.5261  -  © Singlefoot Farms 2014